Feeling lost in your life? Everyone goes through this sometime in their lives and their is an answer!

  1. Drift Syndrome. Do you feel lost some times? We all do at one time or another but stop, it’s can be a temporary moment in life on what you do about it or consider it a challenge. How strong are you in fighting back in resolving it whether it be just with yourself or with another too.


  1. Too Busy for Passion. 

If you’re passionate about your main job, that’s great. But for many people, their job is a means to pay the bills, not an outlet for their deeply felt passions. But if we always think we’re too busy with our jobs and other parts of our daily routines to pursue anything we’re passionate about, or were passionate with and leave the other behind or in the dark then feeling incredibly bland, if not lost, is inevitable for you or just the other party involved and even both.  When it’s both lost it can be that you let this passion you both shared for each other, in your jobs, in your dreams just evaporate in the air.   I’m a firm believer that every schedule needs some time carved away for passionate pursuits, whatever they may be (keeping love in the air for a couple to music, art, writing, movies, careers, to volunteering, etc).  If you’re always too busy for passion, the proverbial “rut” awaits you.  So either get out of the rut and prevent the rut from happening b taking action and pursue some of those passions with moving on to make your life and even the others involved in your life happier to make an overall happy place (both in the environment and to be around).

  1. Can’t Locate a Purpose.

Right alongside passion is the necessity of perceiving that what you do has a purpose, a meaningful reason for being to you alone and than to others included in that passion (ex Superiors in your job). One of the side effects of the knowledge worker revolution has been that many people work on discreet tasks that appear detached from a larger sense of purpose, and their supervisors feel no obligation to connect the dots (if they even know where all of the dots are and what they mean themselves).  It’s hard to get motivated about the meaningfulness of your position when you have only a shallow sense of why what you’re doing contributes to the big picture.  This may be one more reason to seek out a passionate sidebar, because it may also offer the sense of purpose you’re missing.  Don’t let your job drown you where you let it make you feel like your nothing or in a rut.  You look at the pros and cons of it and see if it pays off to stay and if not start searching a new journey of employment.  Now of course you can’t leave the job till better opportunities start calling you in but it won’t come knocking at your door you need to get off your butt and apply yourself.  Put out resumes, go to places for new job opportunities and even planning a new business if its possibly for you.  Life is short and to live it to the fullest you have to make a choice.

  1. Social Support is Vacant.

How many of us are plugged into social networks that offer real, substantial support?  More frequently we’re socially organized around hobbies and sports.  Those networks may be great for talking over the specifics of our pass times, but they don’t offer vital connections between people who come to rely on one another.  We live our lives largely untethered from others except for very specific needs, and this is contributing to a sense of isolation — one that’s ironically growing at the same time online social networks are exploding.

  1. Cognitive Overload.

This is probably the easiest on the list to describe, because it affects all of us, and with increasing intensity. We simply have too much on our mental plates day-in and day-out to manage effectively. Without a quality external system for helping to manage it all, we can’t help but feel overloaded, and that contributes to a feeling of being out of sorts with the responsibilities and demands we face endlessly. Our brains didn’t evolve for nonstop information-driven, consumerism-driven, technology-laden societies, so we have to find tools to offload our cognitive load, or sink.

  1. Distractions Fragment Focus.

About once a day I look at my Verizon Wireless Cell Phone IG 6 and seriously consider throwing it into the garbage.  We have an abundance of ways to stay “connected” at our disposal,  but hyper-connection invariably leads to attention fragmentation.   Don’t you hate it when you go to a diner or a party (small or large) at someone’s home and constantly on the phone with texting back to others.  It makes me with many others like ignorance and why did you invite me with it being out right rude.   Do that at a diner to someone it’s like putting the newspaper up in front of the other person’s face who came out to meet you to communicate not just sit there. When we can’t focus our time and energy on any one project without being distracted by our smart phones, email, news alerts, TV and everything else that’s barreling at us, then it’s natural to feel detached from the project and, quite possibly, lost about how to get it completed. We’ve got to lasso in the distractions to get quality work or quality time spent with others accomplished; there’s simply no other way to consistently get work done and feel good about the outcomes or have quality time with someone or people with constant distractions by a cell phone, texting, or checking your emails.  My niece comes to my house for Easter and sits in the living room on or I-pad; real quality time with your family at my house and how rude.  This is where you have to think before doing something with a bad effect since what did happen is in time parents who thought this way put the white flag up and allow this behavior finding it acceptable.  Remember parents are the key mentors to their children not children are mentors to the parents.

  1. Bad Diets Fog the Mind.

By now we’re all well aware that our cultural obsession with fast food is leading to an obesity epidemic, and a slew of related health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. But there’s also ample evidence to suggest that the amount of saturated fat, sodium and simple carbohydrates we’re ingesting is taking a toll on our ability to think clearly. Over time, deficits in speed of thought and memory can become major contributors to feeling lost, particularly if we look back on a time when those abilities were so much sharper than they are now. One more reason to stay away from the drive-thru and start making food at home.

  1. Media Representations Create False Expectations.

We always seem to fall for whatever “perfect” and “ideal” representations are produced by ever-opportunistic media minds. Whether it’s the supermodel look, or the Mercedes/BMW everyone deserves to have waiting for them in their driveways at Christmas — pick your poison — it’s all commercialized fantasy. When you find yourself trying to measure up to the fantasy and, of course, fall far short, it’s depressing. Remember it is all how you look at life.  One this is all materialistic and won’t last forever.  Two it is how you look at life, what are your priorities—a family, single life and live crazy (which is short for most unless a famous actor abusing drugs or alcohol and dies early still in life like Michael Jackson, John Belushi, etc…)  We think, “If that’s what ‘success’ looks like, then what am I?” Note that the effect is so insidious we’re usually processing that question in our minds without even consciously thinking it through. Over time those questions can lead to feeling lost. But they don’t have to if we can remind ourselves that “selling” is the prime mover of every commercialized fantasy we see.  Without a buyer, the craftiest ploys of the seller are meaningless.

Than let us look at this LOCKDOWN in areas of America especially poor New Yorker’s with this Governor Cuomo who was most definitely correct with the lock down in the beginning but now really questionable.  Than these resources as references we here from in the media, You Tube,  etc… telling us Covid is the worst Pandemic we ever had.  NOT TRUE YET, we had alone H1N1 in 1918 to 1919 called the “Swine Flu” that effected 1/3 of the world’s population (that was not even close with today’s population) causing 500 million people effected, and 50 million deaths. NO COMPARISON and I could go on with other pandemics.

So ending line don’t PANIC since it only makes you not think logically and blow things out of proportion.  You will always get through a crisis in your life but you need people, pets, exercise and other resources to help you get through the hard times of life .  The key to resolving this is the strength with the resources you have in helping you to fight back to the reasons you are lost, or dealing with a change of some type in your life, and if you know what you have to do to start making you feel better than get off your butt and take the first step.

Now if its cause you lost someone dearly in your life you need time for healing and after that 6mth to a year or sooner for others start taking action in what you need to do in making your life happier.  Remember life is short and time is precious so don’t wait till you regret that you never did anything or took action to make your life a better one.  Live your life to its fullest.

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