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How the brain is affected by your HEALTH.

Let’s start with how the brain operates; think of the human body as a car for a moment.  The brain of the car is a computerized disc that allows a lot of the operations to take place in making the engine and more run proper and safely when the key is turned on (if that car is at least late 1980’s or newer).  The battery is like the nervous system allowing connection of electrical currents to many parts of the car enabling them to do their job (Ex. lights turned on at night).  Well we can’t live without the brain (sort of like the computerized disc in the car).   Our nervous system works with the brain in allowing currents to be sending messages to our body parts to function (sort of like our car battery).  To provide a MD with accuracy in evaluating how your brain is operating or if dysfunctional (Ex. Seizure disorder, Alzheimer disease-dementia, etc…) he or she uses a tool that is called an electroencephalogram (EEG) and he looks at your brain waves (alpha, beta, delta, & theta waves).  Well how the car is diagnosed is through a diagnostic scanner that connects to your car telling the mechanic how the car is functioning, to see why certain car lights are on at the dash board when they shouldn’t be (ex. Like when the brake light or engine light or temperature light is on) well the doctor uses as a diagnostic tool also to evaluate these brain waves of the human body called an electroencephalogram (EEG).  Well during certain times of human functioning the brain shows certain brain waves which gives information to MD’s on the patient’s brain normality regarding its function.  There are the 4 traditional brain waves that researches in 1930-1940 have identified.  These brain waves show us what is going on in the body.  The following is a breakdown of what these waves represent inaction:                                                                                                                                      Alpha-appear when you are relaxed and calm.                                     Beta-appear when we are actively thinking or actively doing problem solving                                            Delta-appear during sleep                                                                          Theta-are associated with deep relaxation (like a hypnotic relaxation), in sleep, &  visualization.

* These brain waves are measured in what we call Hertz=Hz, for abbreviation.

So Alpha=(8-13 Hz), Beta=(13-38 Hz), Delta=(below 4 Hz) Theta=(4-7 Hz).                                                                   

Since these brain waves were introduced into medical profession, other types of brainwaves have been identified and the traditional 4 have been further subdivided into 2 other groups; they are: 1)Sensory Motor Rhythm- This involves with some brain and motor function and 2)Gamma rhythm- This is more involved with mental activity of the brain.  Our overall brain activity is a mix of all the frequencies at the same time, some in greater quantities and strengths than others.

So what is the meaning of all this?   The answer is Balance with having Flexibility.  This generally means being able to shift ideas or activities when we need to or when something is just not working.  We don’t want to regularly produce too much or too little of any brainwave frequency.  Just like the car, if you’re constantly in overdrive or the opposite it will stress the overall engine and its associated parts to the point that the car is no longer running effectively or productively.  This is the same with the brain; it should not constantly be in cognitive thinking or problem solving 24 hours/7days a week, but not a zombie either.  Living your life in keeping your brain waves balanced along with eating a balanced diet and doing regular exercise (2 to 3 times a week up to daily) with rest will help you maintain a good weight that is beneficial for your mind and body.  Same principle as the car just constantly doing one of these activities, staying in the same gear or activity mode will hurt you (Ex. Prevent vitamin deficiency like calcium deficient which puts bones at risk of getting a fractured or broken bone.  From too much work out with no rest=sprain or injury of the body.   Without staying within a healthy weight can put you at risk for anorexia or obesity and both can cause injury to the body, like anemia or cardiac/diabetic diseases.)                                                        

How do you make or manage a healthy brain?  Well, first being able to control the brain through balance and flexibility with resilience; that is the capacity of humans to come out of an extreme shock, damage, injury and trauma followed by getting back to a normal life (like run with the ball but don’t drop it.)  Simply it is saying we bounce back positive after a negative stress in our lives (deep depression, become hateful or resentful, drink heavy to increasing or a smoker with increasing packs smoked/day rather than quitting cold turkey=unhealthy for the brain and their overall body).   This is surely not saying it’s easy but that is why brain training yourself with healthy habits will help you deal with stress in your life better.   Stay in a negative state, this keeps your brain in the same mode (Ex. Depression) and become stagnated.  It can be hard to get out of especially the longer you stay in it; and it brings yourself down further into the negativity (depression, lack of confidence in oneself).  So whatever stresses, injury, emotional hard time, pain, or fatigue that is due to never balancing your life (brain waves) you need to take the step to support your health both mentally and physically by directing your brain waves to something else positive in particular.  It may not always be simple but no matter the hardship there is someone else in this world in the same boat as you or worse off than you.  The more you think along those lines the easier it gets in dealing with life.  Without brain balance, flexibility with resilience we holistically cannot function effectively; just like the car without the battery or computerized disc in today’s vehicle the car won’t function properly, unless it runs on electricity but it still won’t function correctly if the computerized disc is not working.  We need all our brain waves balanced to sustain our wellness and health.  Again, this generally means being able to shift ideas or activities when we need to or when something is just not working (like being healthy).  We don’t want to regularly produce too much or too little of any brainwave frequency. 

Well now you know how the basics of how the brain operates, how the brain waves have to operate to stay healthy.


“A healthy body means a healthy mind. You get your heart rate up, and you get the blood flowing through your body to your brain. Look at Albert Einstein. He rode a bicycle. He was also an early student of Jazzercise. You never saw Einstein lift his shirt, but he had a six-pack under there.”

Steve Carell    ( born August 16, 1962 is  an American actor, comedian, director, producer, writer, and voice artist)

Quote for Friday

“Several factors could explain the positive association between time spent sitting and higher all-cause death rates,”. “Prolonged time spent sitting, independent of physical activity, has been shown to have important metabolic consequences, and may influence things like triglycerides, high density lipoprotein, cholesterol, fasting plasma glucose, resting blood pressure, and leptin, which are biomarkers of obesity and cardiovascular and other chronic diseases.”

Alpa Patel, Ph.D (The doctor who was one of the researchers who led the exploration to the association between sitting time and mortality analyzed survey in the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention II study in 1992.

Quote for Thursday

“Obesity was an independent predictor of recurrence.  We found that the more obese a man was, the greater the chances that his cancer would return after the surgery. The chance of recurrence for very obese patients is 70% higher than for others. That’s a very significant difference.”

Christopher Kane, MD, associate professor of urology at the University of California, San Francisco, and chief of urology at the San Francisco VA Hospital

How to deal with stress effectively!

How to bypass developing conditions that can be caused from the long constant stress or stresses you experience? One method is fight back (fight or flight), and when it gets really difficult don’t turn to bad heath patterns in your life to deal with the stressors turn to a healthy diet, keeping a healthy weight for your body mass index (BMI) so you can deal better with fighting the stressors in your life (if not sure what your BMI is check online to find out how to calculated it, it is for free), and practice healthy habits.  You may be saying how to I even go about that or maybe it’s easy for me but not true.  Let me shine some light on this topic.  I was there many times before and found a resolution to help deal better with my stresses through a change in eating and I lost 22 lbs. and still I am trying with being physically challenged at this moment to get to my optimal shape.  If you want to check out how to deal effectively with your stress and live a healthier life for prevention of complications that stress can cause go to  You will learn both through Dr. Anderson and his book “Dr. A’s habits of health” and myself, as your health coach, with how to use medifast in your diet with certain foods you normally eat in your diet also.  This will help you in dealing with stressors as well as boost up your health with losing weight and learning healthy habits in living.  It is surely more than just dieting which is not only for 3mths or ½ year or even 2 years but its learning for life how to eat healthy with occasionally treating yourself to treats or favorite meals to lose weight and maintain it for life, to where it just becomes a part of your life and it doesn’t feel like dieting.  It also is a program showing you behavior to learn by living healthier habits with explaining how it helps your body.  Through Dr. Anderson’s book you will learn about all 4 food groups in how to eat the foods, when to eat the foods, what portion sizes to use, with learning even about diseases and illnesses that can occur through poor habits in diet, activity, and more. This program is giving you the steps that can lead you in the right pathway of how to control your life with reaching your optimal level of heath.  You make the choices of what changes you want to make, no one else.  There is no fee, no donations, no hacking, and no obligation on your part other than just to take a peek and see if what we can provide is what you would like.  It can help you with conquering your stresses in life and reaching a healthier life which could impact even others around you especially your family and friends.  If this occurs and this news spreads throughout America it would make our country much healthier which we could use for now and in the future.  This is not a recruiting organization but a company that can help you and many others live a better and possibly longer life.  Hope I have helped you in someway dealing with any stress in your life.  Also, I hope to hear from you both with your comments on the articles you read on my blog with visiting the website in taking the right step to reach the optimal level of your heath including learning methods that help you deal the best you can with stress.



A New Generation’s Health Care and Dieting Center For All Ages!!

Today our topic is future generations using healthier habits in their lifestyles with eating foods healthier overall for their bodies but still being able to treat yourself to foods not necessarily the best to be eating on a regular basis (Ex. Fast Foods.  Even though their trying to be healthier in fast food restaurants their still not an item to be eating every day).   I’m a female who is middle aged and am within my body mass index (BMI) and still with some muscle tone which ending line is doing well but if you think I have natural high metabolism you’re dreaming.  If you live on eating not 3 but 6 small meals a day that’s low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat you will allow your metabolism to stay at a steady level.  The key is it’s not for a few days, weeks or months but your regular way of living with still treating yourself to foods now & than that aren’t so healthy compared to your regular eating habits.  Know when you do that you because your regular dieting metabolism to go back 4 days since it slows down the metabolism.  If you’re in your regular body mass index at that point, great.  Remember to watch what you eat the next few days with going back on your regular healthy foods but if not in the therapeutic BMI and you want to lose weight than no treats yet.  Now we’ll tell you how you can learn the proper and improper foods to eat in one second.  Eating healthy foods in your regular life will help you not only with keeping your weight at a nice number but as you  grow older you decrease a lot of diseases caused by eating foods low in fat and cholesterol which allows in time blockages in the arteries  causing cardiac problems.  Eating foods high in carbohydrates, calories, fats and sugars daily will just put high probability that you will become overweight especially if you’re not doing any work-out or activity other than work and your regular daily activities.  Becoming overweight or just eating foods that are unhealthy or doing both can cause many problems as getting older  (Obesity, Diabetes II,  high B/P, blockages in the arteries=Coronary Artery Disease and more).  The younger you are the easier it is to change usually but even being older you can change for both age groups it just takes being a strong person, having discipline, and knowing this is what you want.   Remember when you slack off in your diet and activity/exercise you don’t persecute yourself but get right back on the healthy track and keep striving for a healthier body, longer life and possibly a change for the better with our health care system overall in society, in time.  A healthier country will in time show less disease, healthier population in America making overall a better place for everyone of any age.  Most important you will be healthier.  It is all up to you and if you want to know more about better eating habits (types of healthy foods to eat not just being salads & allowing foods you love in the diet, including knowing the foods healthy in all 4 food groups from the lean to leaner and the leanest) and what activity or exercise to do (which doesn’t mean you have to do a heavy work out ) than you need to look no further.  I’m not a hacker, this is not asking for donations, it is all in your control in what you want to do and learn.  You are the boss in making your decisions, no one else.  Join me by clicking onto to learn more about what we provide, including the foods healthy and not healthy, and no subscription fee to click on us just check us out.  Give us a glance and you just may like what you see. =====================.