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 “The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat.Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist

Cellulite mainly caused by Obesity and the medical causes Obesity can cause is responsible for so many diseases or illnesses that we could prevent. Go to and read the article on cellulite and why it is our enemy. Take a peek;)

What is actually cellulite and why is it bad for us?

Cellulite in technical terms is noted at adiposis edematoso meaning your adipose tissue=fat that has swollen up (edematoso); or it is called gynoid lipodystrophy meaning anything pertaining to the women (gynoid) and that the lipid tissue is degenerating (ending line loosing tone).  One other medical term it is noted as is orange peel syndrome=the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that ends up looking like skin dimpling, often on the pelvic region (Specifically the buttock) including the lower limbs (thighs) and abdomen. Cellulite occurs in most postpubescent females and rarely in males. Why is this? Well, for one the tissue make up some say that men’s tissue in these areas are made up in a horizontal make up where in women it’s a honey comb make up allowing more fat to store. That is why you see most men overweight with it in the abdomen and not in the legs or buttock compared to women. Also with women in menopause the hormonal make up compared to men which adds to increasing the chance of putting weight on. The factors that can prone you to cellulite forming on the body are 1-genetic (which may be the biggest factor in developing it especially if it’s in the family tree), 2-hormones (Estrogen the important hormone to initiate and aggravate cellulite.), 3-predisposing factors (Sex, race, biotype, or predisposition to lymphatic or circulatory insufficiency which contribute to cellulite), 4-Let’s not forget lifestyle also (increase in level of catecholamines, which associate with the evolution of cellulite (particularly sedentary lifestyle). Lack of activity (not work out) but walking fast 30 to 60 minutes a day would surely show a difference in your cellulite in time with good healthy dieting.

Problems that cause cellulite to show on your body is poor health habits, poor dieting to the point you get overweight or obese. Eat meals low in starches & carbohydrates, low in sugar, and moderate amounts of fat. With your protein highest in count of every meal (about 14 or so in 6 meals a day is more than enough) and by the end of the day your protein count should add up to the highest number compared to the others. Why because you keep your metabolism at a steady rate with your sugar count not spiking into high levels of glucose in your bloodstream, after a meal. What is so important about this? Realize that starches, carbohydrates (CHOs), sugars=calories and some fats will get broken down into complex or simple sugars (frucose and glucose for example) during the digestion process in the stomach.   Eating only 3 to 4 large or moderate or even small meals high in sugar, CHOs, starches or fat=ending product of high spikes of sugar in your blood stream. In doing this your body naturally reacts, first sending glucose in the bloodstream to the pancreas. The pancreas senses glucose in the blood then releases the hormone insulin (not like in diabetics since their pancreas will release nonworking insulin or too little of working insulin to no insulin at all). The insulin will allow the glucose to transfer into tissues and cells that are utilizing the need for sugar which is our fuel/energy but only for the amount needed at that time. Usually glucose is our primary fuel to tissues and cells to allow them to do their function-like gas to a car to be able to run; but remember our human body can’t release the extra glucose out of our body left in the blood stream that came from our breakdown, in our stomach, from our meal. When the glucose was needed in the body cells and tissues, at that time, it was used but not all was utilized we don’t utilize all that sugar especially if it is a large meal or even a moderate to small meal that had high sugar or carbohydrates or starch in it. These kind of meals produce excess sugar in the blood stream. Now if the body could just release extra sugar from the body as a waste product (through urine or stool or perspiration) no one would be overweight or obese in any country and we could eat anything we want (from eggs benedict every day for breakfast to burger king hamburger with fries on it for lunch to Chinese fast food with Sundaes for dinner and of course let’s not forget milk chocolate for snacks in between). The body doesn’t work that way. The excess sugar your body didn’t need to utilize at that time now goes to the liver where this organ converts glucose to glycogen (from active sugar to inactive sugar). So when needed (glucose), the liver can just release glycogen into the blood stream where it gets converted back to glucose if the body needs active energy at that time (If you’re doing a 16 hr shift with you now into 12hrs of your shift and no food since 6am the body needs fuel at that point the liver will do this releasing of glycogen to the bloodstream, for example); but if you’re eating 3 large or moderate meals a day with snacks in between the liver won’t need to do this releasing of glycogen into the bloodstream, especially if you’re not eating healthy but fast foods or not working out 3 to 5 times a week with working 40 hours a week or equating to be that active in your life. Now remember your liver is only so big to store a certain amount of glucose and when it reaches full the sugar that couldn’t get stored in the liver than stays in the blood stream. The glucose has to go somewhere else out of the bloodstream to prevent hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels, like in a diabetic). It now gets stored in our fat tissue=fat or weight gain, again especially if you’re eating too high a quantity in your meals, or too high a quantity in starches, or even calories=sugars, or carbohydrates and even fats. All there ending product is in the blood after digestion in the stomach is sugar (simple or complex sugars). What will result in time from this type of dieting: you have high probability of becoming overweight to obese with cellulite developing over the body (particularly the pelvic region, abdomen, thighs and buttock). The degree of cellulite will depend on age factor since it will increase the probability for women in menopause), type of activity in that individual’s life- -moving from active to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating to unhealthy habits over years vs healthy. The answer is not necessarily to perform a heavy workout including weights (especially if overweight or obese since the fat will turn to muscle and unless you do weight lifting till you die, like Jack Lanne, it will turn back to fat and cellulite). The key is living healthier habits, good dieting (6 small meals a day to balance your metabolism=sugar level), knowing the 4 food groups and how to dispense them in your meals properly (CHOs, sugars=calories,starches, and fats) and knowing what is in the liquids you drink (many with high sugar contents, as simple as soda, coke or Pepsi, and fruit juices). I’m not saying start diet soda (since it contains phenylalanine or NutraSweet both that can cause cancer) but water (plain or flavored) or club soda or certain ice teas or lemonades (particularly homemade) depending on the ingredients. You have to just read the ingredients to see that the sugar, CHO, calories, fat, and starch content is low with the protein higher than the rest. If you eat 6 meals a day the protein should be over 12.

The reason why cellulite is our enemy is because for it to even show up on the body you have to become overweight to obese. Obesity is a major enemy for any country to have in high population because of the diseases Obesity alone can cause. It can cause diabetes 2, high blood pressure, stroke, coronary artery disease, joint problems including osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, in women contributes to a variety of cancers including breast/colon/gallbladder/uterus, in men contributes to having a higher risk of colon or prostate cancers, sleep apnea and respiratory problems and could go on. Now do you see why developing cellulite is our enemy=Obesity and what it can cause alone.

Cellulite is something we can resolve by decreasing weight and having daily or at least every other day some activity from fast walking to jogging or even Pilates. If your disabled and can’t do much activity you surely can do something through your diet. To get started and if you need guidance on how to lose weight. This includes 6 meals a day with learning about the 4 groups (knowing from each group what’s lean, leaner, and leanest) to learning what activity does for the body then you came to the right blog. If you want to learn more about this than go to my website and peek at what we can offer you through Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson with his book “Dr A’s Habits of Health” and even foods to buy if you want them in the beginning of your diet loss which provides health bars to lunches and dinners to desserts of all kinds to all types of shakes/drinks and so much more foods (low in fat/calories/carbs/starches). Learn how to become healthier for yourself, even spreading the news to family or friends who may become interested and being a great mentor for your children in helping the next generation to be more healthy which would help our health care system to our health economy that includes insurance payments for bills at hospitals/doctor’s offices which would lessen. Our society has become so unhealthy in diet causing so many increases in diseases/illnesses, including children, (Obesity, Diabetes II, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and more) that we have the government getting involved. Take a look at Facebook or YouTube with pictures of people in America shopping at Walmart or Kmart. It may be funny to some people but it is also outright scary with what’s happening to our country. Our country has increased drastically in poor health habits that killed our economy, with let alone our health care system including what insurance costs are like for our society. We could, as a society, turn things around for the better regarding ourselves and others in our country for everyone’s health that would impact every American citizen of all ages in a positive way. I hope I have impacted someone in this country in wanting to learn more about knowing how to become healthier with making a good change for our country as a diversified whole. Society has a responsibility and impact on how things run in each of their respective countries but especially in America, since we live in a democracy. Its common sense if we get better regarding our health overall it will put an impact on our health economy if we don’t our health care system will just get WORSE. Do mom’s and dad’s want this for their children’s future or their grandchildren or even their own lives? Society has to take a stand, don’t leave it up to our government but leave it up to our citizens in America’s homes with our schools (Ex.proper health teaching regarding the cafeteria food), our restaurant industry (get off of living with such processed and fast foods in our states) and lastly our government to an extent. What does any politician really care, in having as a top priority being health since their getting top quality insurance and making high incomes to live life up (President Obama upon retirement will be the first President making 450,000 dollars a year). I know I would be a happy camper too if I was in that situation and I could go on with other politicians salaries but I started with the top. So let’s make a move America and go for the healthier aspect of life.   Take a peek at no fee or charge, no prescription, no foods that you have to buy, no obligation, and no hacking, as well. You make all the choices in what you want and when you want to stop. No rip off or that you have to stay on our time frame, it’s all based on yours. Again, you make all the choices and wouldn’t it be great if we could turn around back the way our health was, not so bad, that our insurance today you pay a price that just keeps rising; and you have to go through so many hoops to see the type of doctor you want when onetime it was just a breeze. Join me, and go to and take just a peek in what we offer;) Hope to hear from anyone who would like a doctor (Dr. Anderson) and free coach (myself) for guidance in making America a healthier country.

Part 2 Depression Vs. Anger Know the considerations/RX-Key Factor/Warnings!

Depression is a real thing and know its RX, what considerations with red flags to look for and what the key factor is for the person who has depression must have to take the first step in controlling if not resolving depression completely.


Treatment for anger and depression is based on the risk factors present, and is individualized for your specific needs. Treatment may include group therapy to discuss and rationalize anger, stress management exercises or even medications. Learning what causes anger and what can be done to avoid becoming angry are among the main focuses of treatment. Also important is learning what to do when becoming angry, and positive ways to focus feelings instead of becoming aggressive in response.



It’s important to consider all options when deciding to deal with feelings of depression and anger. A physician can make recommendations as to which type of treatment may be best, or he can refer individuals to someone else. People shouldn’t be embarrassed or feel inadequate because they need help but should focus on the strength shown to solicit the help.



Constant feelings of anger and depression can have a negative effect on overall health. People who are depressed and angry more than most are much more likely to suffer from heart-related problems. Anyone who experiences thoughts of harming themselves or suicide should contact a physician immediately for the appropriate treatment.  If you know someone who maybe with this REACH OUT and SPEAK UP to someone significant to that individual and bring that person to an expert to help this individual.  Look what happen to Robin Williams but alcoholism was the key factor in this unique talented man’s cause of suicide, by media.  Now lets look at the average American; the majority of us are not millionaires to billionaires who have everything financially going for us and more.  Now unless the millionaire or billionaire puts themselves in a situation that they gamble their money away and lose everything remember they could have put away a safe chest of money if that happened but if not done that was their choice.  Unfortunately they have to deal with that poor judgment call caused a crash financially but life does not have to be over.   It is the choice of everyone at an adult age (21 y/o and up)  in where they let their  money go but to those not in that situation  going through depression its up to you to make your priorities regarding what is most important to you and making them reachable.  That step to make priorities in what most important to you is all up to you starting it.  Those things bringing you down, reach out to yourself and list what is bringing you down and address them.  If its work search for something new but don’t walk out until you have s0mething new (but money doesn’t make you happy alone).  Again look at Robin Williams, who at one point had everything going for him.  If its your marriage well it takes not 1 but 2 to work on it.  One thing you both could do that would only help you understand each other better is both address their hurts, needs, desires with each other and if none to express to each other with both parties not wanting to work on it or ending line no resolution than part to allow each one live life to its fullest with letting misery start to heal.   If your in the scenario staying together just for the children if you think fighting and being unhappy in front of them all the time; you may want to think twice (their not blind).  If parting to stay on a friends note is better for everyone maybe that is the choice.  Of course without question if its stay together because of quilt or embarrassed in front of others if you split; just FYI these people are not blind in seeing you happy or unhappy with each other and over a long time of seeing the couple fight or unhappy they might even be thinking to themselves they wish you guys were so each individual could be possible happier.  The key factor in starting to figure out what’s best for yourself is to use self discipline and give yourself a chance to figure out the best way to go to resolve it or control it is get HELP.  Where the MD, or group, or psychologist, etc… can assist you whether the depression be alone or with a significant other you might be having depression over (Ex. Marriage).  Ending line if you could have resolved it on your own you wouldn’t still be in depression.   If this is the situation your in at this time of your life,  set up what your top 3 to 5 things most important in your life is that would make life better for you and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT don’t stay in the dark hole!  Your just drowning yourself in misery.  It may sound easier than it actually is but it initially takes YOU to make the first move (if you can’t help yourself than who can you help-Noone).  So make yourself a happier individual to some extent to be a good impact to others or those who would want to be around you.  First to reach there its advised to go to a professional (from MD to counselor to group meetings but not simply yourself (its not recommended to try to resolve this on your own if this depression has been going on for a longtime or over 6mths after a devastating situation in your life.)  It’s better than doing nothing to allow yourself and others around you to be happier.  Good luck.


“It’s the same voice thought that … you’re standing at a precipice and you look down, there’s a voice and it’s a little quiet voice that goes, ‘Jump,'”  Robert Williams told Diane Sawyer ABC NEWS. “The same voice that goes, ‘Just one.’ … And the idea of just one for someone who has no tolerance for it, that’s not the possibility.”

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Part 1 Depression Vs. Anger — What does it all mean and What do I do?

Getting the blues  or down in the dumps now and than in one thing but staying in the blues or down in the dumps just sinking deeper over a long period of time can be diagnosed as clinical depression. Clinical depression presents many forms and symptoms. It is not something just to be brushed off, assuming it will rectify itself in a while. One of the most common symptoms noted when a person suffers from clinical depression is anger. Whether it’s uncontrollable anger toward oneself or outward aggression toward others, it’s clinically proven that depression and anger run hand in hand.

Do you find yourself feeling angry more often than usual, or more often than not, depression could be to blame. Anger is a common symptom of depression, which can lurk beneath the surface of any man, woman, or child as well.

Depressive disorders come in many different types, but each type has its own unique symptoms and treatments. Major depression, the most common type of a depressive disorder, is characterized by a combination of symptoms (see symptom list) that interfere with the ability to work, study, sleep, eat, and enjoy once pleasurable activities. Such a disabling episode of depression may occur only once but more commonly occurs several times in a lifetime. Mental health professionals use this checklist of specific symptoms to determine whether major depression exists or not. Depression is also rated by your diagnosing physician or mental health professional in terms of its severity — mild, moderate, or severe. Severe depression is the most serious type. A less severe type of depression, dysthymia, involves long-term, chronic symptoms that do not disable, but keep one from functioning well or from feeling good. Many people with dysthymia also experience major depressive episodes at some time in their lives. Another type of depression is experienced as a part of bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness. Not nearly as prevalent as other forms of depressive disorders, bipolar disorder is characterized by cycling mood changes: severe highs (mania) and lows (depression). Sometimes the mood switches are dramatic and rapid, but most often they are gradual. When in the depressed cycle, an individual can have any or all of the symptoms of a depressive disorder. When in the manic cycle, the individual may be overactive, overtalkative, and have a great deal of energy. Mania often affects thinking, judgment, and social behavior in ways that cause serious problems and embarrassment. For example, the individual in a manic phase may feel elated, full of grand schemes that might range from unwise business decisions to romantic sprees
Risk Factors

Numerous risk factors can lead to feelings of depression and anger in an individual. Some of these risk factors include but are not limited to: loneliness, financial strain, unemployment, alcohol or drug abuse, marital or family problems, or lack of a social support network. Depression and anger can also be influenced by childhood trauma, or it can be hereditary.


Anger manifested with depression is no ordinary anger. It can be all-consuming feelings of anger and hatred against one’s self, others or the situation that is causing the depression. One of the first signs of depression in a teenager may be a sudden onset of uncontrollable anger. In turn, constant feelings of anger can also trigger a response of depression. Also noted with depression are a tendency to turn away from family and friends, poor performance at work or school, lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, insomnia and hopelessness

Symptoms of Depression

Not everyone who is depressed or manic experiences every symptom. Some people experience a few symptoms, some many. Severity of symptoms varies with individuals and also varies over time.


  • Persistent sad, anxious, or “empty” mood
  • Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism
  • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex
  • Decreased energy, fatigue, being “slowed down”
  • Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions
  • Insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping
  • Appetite and/or weight loss or overeating and weight gain
  • Thoughts of death or suicide; suicide attempts
  • Restlessness, irritability
  • Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain

Symptoms of Mania (for Bipolar Disorder)


  • Abnormal or excessive elation
  • Unusual irritability
  • Decreased need for sleep
  • Grandiose notions
  • Increased talking
  • Racing thoughts
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Markedly increased energy
  • Poor judgment
  • Inappropriate social behavior

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 on Depression Vs. Anger in Considerations/Treatment and Knowing the Key Factor in what makes us deal with depression!!


Marcel Proust (10 July 1871 – 18 November 1922) was a French novelist, critic, and essayist best known for his monumental novel À la recherche du temps perdu (In Search of Lost Time; earlier translated as Remembrance of Things Past). He is considered by many to be one of the greatest authors of all time.

Part 2 Wake up America and get healthier to decrease disease and illness of all ages to make our country a better place for all citizens to live in.

We are now in a technology that knows what foods are high in fat, high in sugar, high in carbohydrates, high in calories, with what it can cause when foods like this are taken on a daily basis in all yours meals over a long period of time, which is obesity. We also know the ending result of obesity in based upon the kinetics of what it can create in the body, again overtime.   We are a stronger nation in all colors, races, ages, and sexes with knowing the knowledge of what to do.   Do you want a better fit body, family, grandchildren and even country than take the action NOW. For your goal in playing a part is one you need to be healthy or get healthier and without question you will feel better. Also, for the next decade & generation to be healthier it will help Americans in their lives all around (including our health care showing a spread of disease in lower percentage that is originally due to poor diet and activity choices by our people=again society’s choices, who are so important in helping to decide where the health of the present and future of the US people lie. America please help me turn this around. Should we let our government make the move on our health rather than us? Finally after so many years Obama’s health care law had to get involved because of the money aspect regarding Americans health took, taking a toll on our economy. I know I would want the people making the last move regarding our health care system, when we still have choices. If you care about this you would want to take part in joining me (at almost 50 y/o) to get healthier. If you are than go to and be a part of making our home a healthy USA with learning the knowledge of how to prevent or better treat your body even diagnosed if already diagnosed with obesity, coronary heart disease, diabetes II, high blood pressure, stroke, transient attack ischemia, and more). It is recommended to get clearance first from your M.D. if you decide to take this diet plan. How do we reach and stay at a healthy state in making our lives a grand ride on a roller coaster without falling off the track; and if we do fall off the ride (Ex. Have a trauma, like a back injury) if you have been healthy most or all your life the better the odds you will turn out. To reach that level internally we now all need to see what it is we are NOT doing best to our bodies regarding the daily habits of prevention (most significant factor) or regarding the habits of secondary-treating of disease or illnesses people have today (do you follow your diet, or are you compliant with taking your meds prescribed, etc…).   Prevention Habits would be stay fit (not necessarily a body builder fit), be ideal in your weight (BMI), eat and drink healthy, know good foods from bad foods, and practice healthy habits of living. If your at this healthy state already great and if you do unhealthy habits occasionally that is great also (Examples like eating Burger King, having shell fish, drinking alcohol and parting till 2am or so). If you need to learn how to reach this state or even learn how to stay in this level of health because of getting older or whatever the reason is than Dr. Anderson and myself as your coach can help you. Dr. Anderson through his book of “Dr. A’s Habits of Heath” and me as your health coach with take shape for life will teach you all about this. We can provide the knowledge, the foods you eat for 3 to 6mths to a couple of years, depending on what you want to lose; but in time you can even stop take shape for life and just buy healthier foods in the store using all 4 food groups (which the book reviews also with what foods in each group is the lean, leaner to the leanest and in what proportions).

I always say do anything legal in America within moderation and you should do fine but when we don’t negative feedback begins to start, which is what has happened to our country & even others with cancer, obesity, cardiac disease, diabetes, and more due to living on a regular basis unhealthy habits, poor activities of daily living and unhealthy normally in the diet So America let’s turn around for the better and join me. Take a peek at and check us out with guaranteed no hacking, no fee, no donation, or any BS. I hope I did shed light on someone and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading at my blog and don’t hesitate with giving me your comments, they matter.

For your knowledge the top health problems in the USA are:

1-Heart diseaseHeart disease was the #1 disease affecting Americans in 2010. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) statistics showed 31.5% of women and 26.8% of men die of heart disease.

To prevent heart disease, become physically active, eat a heart healthy diet, and quit smoking.

2-ObesityTwo-thirds of Americans are now either overweight or obese. Obesity has become an epidemic in the U.S. and leads to other diseases such as high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes. The best way to prevent obesity is through a well-balanced diet and physical activity.

3-CancerThe 2008 World Cancer Report predicted that deaths caused by cancers will nearly double by the year 2030. This means 27 million people will suffer from cancer by 2030 resulting in 17 million deaths every year. Experts believe the main culprit will be poor lifestyle choices. There are many forms of cancer, but limiting the intake of red meat and animal fat, exposure to the sun, alcohol intake, and knowing your family’s history can limit the risk of developing cancer.

4-Infectious diseaseDisease-causing germs such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi spread diseases directly or indirectly from one person to the other – sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, etc. Infectious diseases are now the world’s biggest killer of children and young adults; they lead to 16.2% of worldwide deaths.  Simple things like washing your hands and preparing foods properly could prevent the chances of spreading infectious diseases.

5-TuberculosisAround 2 million people die of tuberculosis (TB) every year. Researchers have shown almost one-third of the world’s population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. The bacteria are spread through coughing and sneezing. Be sure to cover your mouth and wash your hands.

6-HIV/AIDS Nearly 25 million people have been infected with HIV/AIDS from 1981 to the present. According to the latest data from the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), an estimated 2.7 million people became newly infected with HIV in 2008, and 2 million people died of AIDS-related causes in 2008. Practicing safe sex and monogamy can prevent the chances of spreading or contracting HIV or AIDS. Your partner may look safe, but the only way to know the current status of yourself or your partner is by getting tested.

7-Lower respiratory tract infectionsDiseases of the lungs, such as pneumonia, kill more than 4 million people each year. Lower respiratory tract infections also include tuberculosis and whooping cough. Washing hands, and following a healthy diet and exercise routine will help keep the immune system strong in order to fight off infections.

8-Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)COPD includes lung diseases that make breathing difficult. It is estimated that by 2020 it will be the third biggest killer in the world. Smoking is the most recognized cause for COPD but occupational exposure to dust, air pollution and certain inherited diseases have been known to cause the disease as well. Exercises built around strengthening your lungs, such as cardio, are a good way to prevent COPD.

9-Influenza An estimated 36,000 people die annually due to complications from influenza. Influenza, which is more commonly known as the flu, is a highly infectious disease that is caused by the influenza virus. Transmission of the disease is made through both airborne and physical contact. Hand-washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and avoiding people with the flu are a few ways to combat interception of the virus.

10-DepressionClinical depression is one of the most common mental illnesses; affecting more than 19 million Americans each year. Developing healthy habits such as not overworking, taking breaks, meditation, and exercise can help prevent depression.

As simple as it seems, a healthy diet, physical activity, and a well-balanced lifestyle can help to further prevent the onset of many diseases. Take control in 2013 and begin to live your best life now. Go to and start to help turn our health around in America.


Joint United Nations Program

World Cancer Report

World Health Organization (WHO)

Part 1 Wake up America and get healthier to decrease disease and illness of all ages to make our country a better place for all citizens to live in.

Both internal and external environments play a part for the human body in how we, as people, turn out either healthy or unhealthy in the nation that we live in and even as a world. External environments are the images of what makes up the nation or the planet earth at home including the outer space (a single entity in which air, water, and continents interrelate for mankind and more; but the important question is this: is it overall effective or not to life). Let’s take a metaphor in understanding this, an effective external environment for life is country life (ex. life in Virginia) for home/produce/life and an area of weather that is suitable for the human body as opposed to living in the North Pole (freezing ice cold) much more difficult to obtain an healthy external environment for the human body. The internal environment is referring to our minds and bodies which are primarily up to us, the people, in what we decide to be acceptable in how we live out our daily. Society determines what is considered ok as a habit and what is not, ending line how we treat ourselves daily. Yes drugs are not legal, so there are limitations (law). Thank God or we could be worse off with disease and illness in the U.S. Though we can control other things for example what we simple drink daily that can range from 1 can to a six pack of regular soda daily for some people (which equals high sugar content in the body) or using nutraSweet regularly (which can cause cancer), or even better-diet soda (Phenylketourics-Phenylalanine). Why is this on the soda can and what does that mean? It is to prevent a law suit since it can cause cancer. I could go on with unhealthy foods and drinks; ending line is we need to know what is in our foods and fluids we ingest, making smarts decisions on what we ingest and in how big a proportion from daily intake down to every meal you eat that day. To become a healthier nation to spread out into the world with living healthier habits in our daily living with occasional eating of things unhealthy could make a 360 turn in how our diseases and illnesses could go down in number.   There are diseases/illnesses in the top rank in the U.S. due to many with Obesity (Ex. leading to Diabetes II and even cardiac disease that can further lead you to a heart attack or even a stroke). To get out of unhealthy eating/dieting, with a little exercise daily or every other day (not necessarily work out but my hat is off to those who do) and keeping your weight in your body mass index would make a turn for you and so many others overtime. We have to start somewhere, just like technology did but this is much easier since we have the knowledge; it just has to be utilized (first from the home, into schools, into fast food joints to restaurants, to our government (who should not be the one deciding our health care system and insurance) and stricter rules through FDA (higher standards in what we eat). Put this all together and we call it SOCIETY. Remember society gives direction on what’s allowed in the community (simply t.v. to radio, what’s allowed in local restaurants, who are president is, and to what’s allowed in the house (mom and dad). We need to start nurturing our society a lot better (we don’t now). What will this do for the present couples, especially with children? It will make both age groups healthier with a better life and the same results for the future grand kids coming down the road. What will it do for you people single or just couples without children, like myself? It will give you all healthier lives and for all a change for the better in the percentage in diseases/illnesses (going down drastically) to the point of impacting our insurance costs in time for the better with how our health care system works (this wouldn’t be over night). We have to start somewhere. Let’s get our overall health to a point where we don’t need so much health care or the government to get involved deciding how our health care system runs but pay more attention to what is going on in wall street, wars we have to keep an eye on or even take part in looking into or getting our troops out of, etc… No matter if you are in a high or mid or low income bracket there are affordable foods that you can have in your diet with gradually increasing to 30 minutes of exercise daily or every other day in your life, of course in time. It’s just like watching TV, you just have to fit it in your life and in time it will become a regular part of your activities of daily living with not making you feel as if this is a burden but routine. If you want to live a longer life with helping to decrease disease in our country then make the move whether young, mid-age or even older. It is like a wound that our society over generations allowed to happen, in time. The ending result is 2/3 of our country is obese, do we want to continue making this wound larger? We already have caused a large number of obesity but like all wounds, time heals all wounds (if not completely than to a degree and in America’s case it’s a large one).