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Beth Lynch is a RN over 37 years of service seeing diseases and illnesses of many kinds across America.  From working in clinics to rehab facilities to hospitals.  I have worked as a RN on spinal cord injuries/amputee rehab unit, med surg. floors of numerous units, telemetry units, stroke units, ICU, step down ICU, endoscopy units, oncology units, burn units, recovery rooms, ER rooms, orthopedic units, to caring for people in sub acute facilities to people in their homes as a visiting RN to a hospice RN helping people go through the ending life process peacefully.  Now I would like to assist people all over via the net in helping you make your life more productive by becoming healthier habits and diet not for a few months but life with understanding why it is so vital living this way through striving your optimal health status, for everyone.  Also, I would like to let people know how diet, exercise and rest plays a vital factor in prevention of certain diseases/illnesses or even helping those to treat their illness or disease.   I have taken a few steps in changing my own life to healthier habits and so far loosing 20lbs. than put back on 50lbs and lo0sing again.


Visit our website striveforgoodhealth.com.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Beth. Have I told you that I’m enjoying your blogging??
    Please keep me in the loop so I know how to support you!
    Are you needing surgery?
    Let’s talk or get together soon, OK? Deb

    • Hi Debbie,

      Please forgive me for not getting back sooner. I suppose to go to NYU after a consult with a surgeon for surgery 3. I have had 2 injections of cortisone given to me and not that effective. I am looking for work also in hopes to start by Jan or sooner but have been out of work 6mths due to this injury with no compensation. So things now are getting nerve racking for me now. I hope you had a great Halloween. Talk soon.


  2. Beth,
    Very glad I met and spoke with today (4-8-14) in shoprite. You renew my belief that there are still good people in this world that care about and want to help people become more aware of their diets, illnesses and get healthier. I can tell how much you really care about people. You do this not for monetary gain, but because you care. That is very commendable. I enjoyed our conversation very much. Let’s keep in touch.

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