Part IV Breast Cancer warning signs, risk factors, comparison of various ethnic groups regarding this Dx.& statistics.

Cancer seems like a thunder bolt that it all of a sudden hits us from nowhere, like what happened to my Dad that was in 1999 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with passing on in about 6 months after diagnosed. Than the hit from nowhere makes the patient and significant others suddenly crippled and not prepared for this diagnosis (facing it with little knowledge or in some cases nothing you can do for the patient since its fatal other than support). No wonder why cancer fears society. To top that alone it is costly, debilitating, depressing, and even fatal, like in my father’s case.

Early detection can vastly improve survival figures, that is not just pertaining to breast cancers but to most diseases period. Delaying to seek advice when changes are recognized is a big mistake.

Let’s include in this article the seven warning signs of cancer:

*A sore that does not heal

*Unusual bleeding or discharge

*Obvious change in a wart or mole

*Change in bowel or bladder habits

*Persistent cough or hoarseness

*Thickening or lump in the breast or anywhere else in the body

*Persistent indigestion or difficulty swallowing

Instead of getting it wouldn’t you rather PREVENT it. Remember our disease killers in the USA.    Our #1 killer is cardiovascular our #2 killer is cancer in America!

**Here are some general risk factors for cancer & try to prevent having them in your lives or abusing them (moderation – the key to many things that are not used that way in US). Abuse of anything results in disaster.

1.) Smoking (stop period) including chewing tobacco and dipping snuff.

2.) Diets high in fat or low in fiber. Obesity as well is a risk factor for cancer, odds are high that the diet was high in fat even causing the obesity in the first place.                     

3.) Age is over 50 or too much unresolved stress in your life.

4.) Abuse of alcoholism or inadequate amount of vitamins or minerals in your diet.      Exposure to environmental or occupational cancer causing substances (air, water, radiation, disaster like 9/11, or even food).

5.) Too much radiation from various sources (ex. Sun bathing to close to radiation treatments someone is receiving on a oncology unit, simply Sun overexposure).

6.) Fair complexion (pale) or even family history of cancers in the family (highest risk is within the nuclear family having a mother or father or sibling with cancer).

**Most cancers with heredity in the nuclear family including a bad life style puts that individual at higher probability of inheriting or getting that cancer.**

The American Cancer Society had presented shocking facts that 83% of lung cancer patients in America are caused by smoking (a complete preventable measure). Furthermore they present 30% of cancer deaths in America are due to smoking.

We the people of America can control many factors in our diet and exercise to control diseases period we have want to make the move and if we did disease decrease in time would be outstanding. In the end it would make our economy better with our insurance overall. Ending line. this means less disease, less expense, and meaning better coverage (less out of our pockets financially). For this to even get started we the people in the USA have to be willing to alter diets and exercise to a healthy pattern not a junk food frequently diet or sedentary lifestyle. Help make America a better country for all citizens of all ages. Our government surely hasn’t helped us in prevention tactics to lower statistics in showing less breast cancer significantly.

Looking over the past 35 years data shows very little evidence even with intense efforts and billions of dollars made by our government trying to aim at attempting to improve the treatment of cancer yet has had much overall effect on the most fundamental measure of clinical outcome…death. Cancer as a whole overall has slowly but surely lost ground in the battles and we don’t want to lose the war. This is shown by the rise in age-adjusted mortality rates in the entire population.

We do have many improvements with cancer treatment going from diagnostic tooling advancement with even drugs and drugs combined, a multitude of radiation methods and advanced surgical techniques. However, with all this due to increased cancer research, the government has yet to push the most important ingredient for cancer prevention. For every 3 dollars spent on cancer research, only one dollar goes spent in the area of prevention. When your government representative speaks of further cancer research you may want to find out is it for prevention or treatment. My vote is prevention before getting diagnosed with it. That is like the government waiting for a bomb to land on the USA before taking measures to prevent it. Why wait for the disaster when it can be prevented completely and no mess to deal with. Makes sense? Sure does to me and many.

Take a completely different country in eating alone. Let us look at Japan and their women. They eat a completely different diet than women in the USA. Japanese women have ¼ the amount of breast cancer than American women; is this mainly genetics? When Japanese women move to the great USA they assume our diets and get the same death rates from breast cancer that American women get when diagnosed with it. My eyes see diet in America (fast food=JUNK). Moderation if not completely banded out of your diet = fast food. Americans who eat junk food on a regular basis are looking at abusing fast food as oppose to a treating themselves to junk food now and than (this is what we call moderation).

Moderation with anything legal and not abusive to your body (ex. Alcohol or prescribed drugs) is someone with will power. That is what is takes to prevent breast cancer and many other diseases which includes a healthy diet, some regular exercising, keeping your weight ideal to your body mass index, and having the yearly physicals or addressing new symptoms by going to your doctor to have him or she evaluate what it is with the treatment for it. Obese and can’t lose the weight on your own get a MD consult to see what surgery or other options you have to decrease weight.


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