Part 2 Let’s look at all angles regarding Marijuana becoming legal in the America!

Part 2 How could this drug possibly cause a bad reaction to humans?   Well let’s look at how it works:

Cannabis has psychoactive and physiological effects when consumed.The immediate desired effects from consuming cannabis include relaxation and mild euphoria (the “high” or “stoned” feeling), while some immediate undesired side-effects include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills and reddening of the eyes. Aside from a subjective change in perception and mood, the most common short-term physical and neurological effects include increased heart rate, increased appetite and consumption of food, lowered blood pressure, impairment of short-term and working memory, psychomotor coordination, and concentration.  Is this how we want our society or too many Americans in society going to work in this state of mind.  People going high to work are not thinking clearly or straight whether you agree or not.  Facts are facts and look what it does to your thinking process.  If we make this legal we’ll just make sure we can’t take this at work and you think a job will have you pee in a cup every 2 to 3 months even at Mc Donald’s to make sure you’re not abusing the drug?  Hell no they have enough expenses and it would only be done if the law said they had too.  It’s very hard in seeing that all job facilities would monitor their employees drug use unless you’re under a contract for 3 months for an agency like as a RN or Doctor, etc…  It will get out of control,  look at alcohol and we just want to add to the list with easy accessibility.

Marijuana may increase risk of anxiety, depression, and a series of attitude and personality changes, known as “amotivational syndrome.” This syndrome is characterized by a diminished ability to carry out long-term plans, a sense of apathy, decreased attention to appearance and behavior, and decreased ability to concentrate for long periods of time. These changes can also include poor performance in school. Marijuana, just like any other drug, can lead to addiction. It affects the brain’s reward system in the same way as all other drugs of addiction2 – and the likelihood of addiction increases considerably for those who start young.

Taking another angle on this I can understand in seeing an adult without children or with children flown from the family over 21 y/o not looking at safety for the community as closely as those parents with children since it’s not a major priority in their life, like it was possibly when they had children young.  Let’s look at the community regarding young ones and school.   Do you want your children or grandchildren to go to school where teachers are allowed to use marijuana legally.  Just think of the problems it could cause for your child or grandchild.  Look at those with undesirable and unethical behavior in the average American eyes but under control and on this drug it may enhance with relax the teacher having the feeling to actually act on these feelings (I don’t even have children).  What about a teacher just not giving the full potential of their role to children in their class as a mentor and making the course simple (Does your child win? No).

AMERICA THINK SAFETY BEFORE PLEASURE TO ALLOW THIS DRUG LEGAL!   For when this drug becomes legal in all states it will be very difficult to change it back to illegal.

Another angle is look at the health of an individual and how does it affect the human body in a negative way?  Well let’s look at FACTS again in what this drug does to the body:

A 2013 literature review said that exposure to marijuana had biologically-based physical, mental, behavioral and social health consequences and was “associated with diseases of the liver (particularly with co-existing hepatitis C), lungs, heart, and vasculature”.   Every drug has side effects, adverse effects with consequences.  So why do legal drugs get available for society?  It is used for treatable diseases, preventative measures for the disease worsening and palliative measures.  NOT TO GET HIGH and FEEL GOOD.  Go have a drink or more and stay home having a great night or assign a designated driver.  By the way this is called being responsible to yourself and others.

It is like everything in life you need limitations and restrictions/rules/regulations to prevent a disaster.   Want examples? Let us take our government look what happen to Wallstreet-a disaster, look at our economy the past 20 years Crash in 1987, crash in1990’s (.com bust) or better the continous corporate bail outs in the past 6 years – all disasters to the USA economy; another example the American diet look at Obesity in our country with cardiac and diabetes (Type 2) since too many don’t follow a healthy safe diet of the 4 food groups with 3o minutes of some type of exercise daily.  This problem has increased in this country over the past 25 years. Now look at marijuana legal. How will SAFETY be in this country with no restrictions/rules/law on marijuana letting it legal?  In 25 years we will have people who use marijuana like alcohol is used and we’ll have brain dead with the people who have alcoholism due to one thing ABUSING THEM called alcoholic and drug abuse.  A DISASTER!  Remember history repeats itself (Let us look at war, look at crashes like the depression to the past 6 years, at wallstreet, drug abuse from the 1960’s to cocaine or even crack now and let us add marijuana legal.  What about smoking and what it causes.)

 Let’s look at Cancer alone; it is question-able about marijuana causing the big “C”.  So with history repeating itself and       technology a lot quicker today let’s say in 25 years we might have commercials and further advertising to stop marijuana joints due to causing cancer and even more adverse effects.  Remember, like they did with cigarettes long after 50+ years being available to the public.   Let’s do more research before allowing pot or weed legal.  Why hurt humans if we can prevent it.  

Is this really a smart idea, to legalize marijuana, not just for you one person but for all including children and grandchildren (holistic approach)?  I say No with a capital N unless it is used for medical reason’s with sufficient research done about the drug so patient’s won’t have later adverse effects that affect the patient’s life or health; excluding a patient that is already with a fatal illness (ex. Stage IV cancer and need it for pain relief). 

What’s your opinion?  Let know under comment.

Stayed tune for part 3 on Monday.

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