Preparing for Thanksgiving the next 3 days before GOBBLE GOBBLE, if not already!

3 days before the big day or sooner TIPS! Well lets get prepared if you have the party at your house!

1. Thanksgiving, you can put the finishing touches on the guestroom and set out front porch decorations. Prepare the guest room with fresh linens and other amenities and rake the leaves when you get a chance. If children will be attending, get out Thanksgiving movies or games that kids will love, including BABY SAFE.

2. Double-check your home to make sure you have enough of everything for everyone. Think napkins, plates, serving bowls, name cards—even ice! This is a good time to wash or dry-clean your table linens, too.  Clean house for them and you guys giving the party!

3.  TODAY no later write down the menu if not already done.   Write down any items you’ll need to buy; remember to consider meals for the rest of the weekend if guests are sticking around. Turkey should be first and foremost if it isn’t already ordered. Consider purchasing perishables like milk and fresh fruit a day or two before the party so they don’t go bad.

4. If you’re purchasing a frozen bird, allow the turkey to thaw in your fridge for 24 hours for every 4 pounds of turkey.

5 Speaking of that delicious Thanksgiving turkey—plan ahead for tasty turkey leftovers. Make sure you have enough containers to hold all the leftovers. You may also want to grab a few inexpensive leftover containers at places like the dollar store or Walmart’s or Target, you get the idea!

6. To remember your health be STRESS FREE! 2 Days before the holiday do the following:  Prepare ingredients inadvance and tackle make-ahead dishes where you can. Prepare ingredients in advance and tackle make-ahead dishes where you can. Thanksgiving, clean and peel any vegetables and refrigerate them (keeping them in water can keep them from browning). Set out the bread for homemade stuffing (stale stuff works best), and pre-make your favorite sweet cranberry sauce and creamy mashed potatoes.   Run your dishwasher and make it dish free for the big day so clean up is easier!  SET UP YOUR BAR with empty ice buckets and alcohol not open yet like new wine bottles and harder alcohol on the table with the wine openers if you need them.  Make sure at the bar or in your closet you have enough clean glasses to lay out Turkey morning!

7. Few days before if not already done, make serving extra-easy with a planned layout. Fill the dining table with your chosen serving bowls and glasses, placing food labels in the proper dishes. If you’re buying flowers for your centerpiece, remember to pick those up few or even couple of days before or easier fake lay our flowers (that is up to the hostess and host doing the party).

8.  Night before most Thanksgiving chopping, peeling, or toasting can be done about 24 hours before Thanksgiving. Make the Thanksgiving pies if they need refrigeration after made that day do so, and set out the overnight dinner rolls to rise. As you prepare the side dishes and appetizers that can be made early, remember to set out any dishes or kitchen tools that you will need for Thanksgiving Day.

9. If you have a dessert and coffee table set it up the night before; you can even make a staging area for coffee, desserts, and drinks. Stock with flatware, sugar, creamer, and cups to avoid guests finding themselves underfoot.



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