“Conditions causing liver impairment are: 1.) Cirrhosis of the liver is a degenerative disease of the liver resulting in scarring and liver failure. 2.) Fatty Liver is excessive build-up of fat in the liver. 3.) Liver Failure is a  condition in which the liver is unable to perform its normal metabolic functions.  4.) Hepatitis A a highly contagious liver infection caused by hepatitis A virus. 5.) Hepatic Encephalopathy a loss of brain function as a result of failure in the removal of toxins from the blood due to liver damage.  6.) Hepatitis B is a infectious disease caused by the hepatitis B, viral (HBV), that affects the liver.  7.) Hepatitis C Another viral infection that causes inflammation of liver. 8.) Alcoholic Hepatitis  Inflammation of the liver caused by chronic heavy drinking of alcohol. 9) Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)  is also known as metabolic (dysfunction) associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD), is excessive fat build-up in the liver without another clear cause such as alcohol use.    10) Amyloidosis  is a disease in which abnormal proteins, known as amyloid fibrils, build up in tissue.”


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