Halloween ways to be creative at the kid parties and even adult ones too!

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Halloween pot lucks, parties, and trick-or-treating can be sneaky business—even for your young ones trying to keep them healthy with the neighbors and other family or friends kids. The scariest part is you trying to avoid the kids’ treat bags full of candy, chocolate, and chips but yet making it fun for all.

However, you can still get your great Halloween treats on without terrorizing your healthy diet if you infuse the holiday with these scary (good) tips and even more important for the young ones with even possibly having the kids ask you to tell their mom of the great recipe. It is all in your creativity and taking the time as opposed to picking up a bag of treats in a plastic bag you dump in a bowl.

1. Use your creativity on healthy foods alone or with candy in place of the “Classic Halloween Candy”

It’s fairly easy to give classic Halloween candy the creativity of using fruit. For example take the PUMPKIN – the maskcot of Halloween, which happens to be a cultivar of a squash plant, most commonly of Cucurbita pepo, that is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. This kind of creativity is to make a healthier, more natural form of candy corn layer a wedge of pineapple, a wedge of cantaloupe, and a piece of banana on wooden skewers. You can also make healthy apple monsters by using a melon baller to carve out eyes, mount them on toothpicks, and use a large apple slice as a mouth with slivered almonds to create the toothy grin. Again it’s all in your creativity. Without making all fruit you could even add dark chocolate on the fruits or any candy that mixes with the taste of the fruit you use. Again make it fun and delicious so its utilized with decreasing everything being candy, which isn’t good for anyone’s else.

2. Create homemade candy treats that are healthier than the store

In the store you find candy trans fat or refined sugars or high processed or even regular milk chocolate as opposed to dark chocolate (healthier). Make homemade candy treat bags at the parties with these creations of yours. I know it takes time but making it know your helping a another individual which should make you feel could and trust me many will appreciate you like the other moms.

3. Add Just a Touch of your Creativity Sweetness

Sometimes there can be just too much sinfully sweet ingredients in Halloween desserts. One of my favorites is chocolate chunks in double chocolate tombstone brownies. However, you can satisfy a sweet tooth without killing your entire diet by creating a healthy dessert with just a touch of sweetness. You can either make those dark chocolate brownies and cutting them into finger size pieces as opposed to a regular size brownie with making them have a Halloween effect look on them. Another idea going more health wise is creating spooky bananas by using 2 dark chocolate chips for eyes and a dark chocolate kiss as a surprised mouth on ½ of bananas or make witches caldrons by coring apples and filling with quick oats, raisins, and a touch of maple syrup. Take oranges or mandarins putting celery sticks in the top center to make pumpkins. For a sweet treat that will satisfy your haunted Halloween cravings—try whipping up batches of pumpkin inspired cookies, brownies, cakes, and muffins. Pumpkin is actually a nutritionally fuelled substitute for butter, margarine, and oil in a lot of lower fat recipes. Use your minds depth in making Halloween creations.

5. Carve Up Spooky Veggies

Who says that vegetables can’t be festive? In addition to buckets of candy and chocolate at your Halloween party, feature a platter of carrots, cucumbers, and pepper pieces cut into spooky shapes—such as ghosts, witches hats, bats, cats, and pumpkins for dipping into healthy hummus, salsa, and guacamole. Or spoon salads into cored peppers carved into mini Jack-o-lanterns.

6. Make healthy creative dips

With fruit, healthy chips, vegetables with salads and create healthy dips. For blood effect salsa, for green goblin effect guacamole dips, orange effect from carrot veggie dip to bean veggie dip. Than there is fruit cherry dip to green apple dip to orange or mandarin or pumpkin dips.

7. DIY Your Favorite Halloween Snacks

If there’s one snack I just can’t resist, it’s peanut butter rice crispy treats! However, instead of getting mine from a box, I choose to make a healthier version in my own kitchen, and I use nutritious ingredients—like raw almond butter and whole-wheat rice crisps—to redeem my Halloween sins.

8. Air Pop Your Halloween Treats

Air popped corn (especially if it’s whole grain) can provide a filling foundation for sweets and snacks without haunting you for weeks after. Indulge your taste for something sweet by air popping corn; rolling it into balls using a bit of honey or maple syrup, raisins, and chopped nuts; and drizzling with dark-chocolate and melted almond butter. Or simply serve an air popped bowl of corn sweetened with a bit of maple syrup for a healthier version of caramel corn.




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