“At every stage of life, men are encouraged to consider three equally important aspects of their health—physical health, mental health and social connection. Men’s Health Month in the United States is observed every June. This month aims to raise awareness of the same health concerns of Men’s Health Week but lasts the whole month. It is different from November, which is held in November and focuses on men’s mental health as well as prostate cancer. During the month of June, men are encouraged to set goals for their own health and wellness and begin to create a roadmap for achieving those goals.  This is for men to address medical or health problems that may be starting or already there or hopefully cleared as healthy and to continue yearly to make sure its cleared healthy or if not address before the issue gets severe.”

Lifespan / Miriam Hospital (https://www.lifespan.org/lifespan-living/importance-mens-health-month)

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