“The less alcohol you drink, the lower your risk for cancer. Some studies show that drinking three or more alcoholic drinks per day increases the risk of stomach and pancreatic cancers. There is also evidence that drinking alcohol increases the risk for prostate cancer. All alcoholic drinks, including red and white wine, beer, and liquor, are linked with cancer. The more you drink, the higher your cancer risk.  In 2020 to 2025 The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that adults of legal drinking age to choose not to drink or drink in moderation = 2 drinks or less a day for men and a drink or less in women a day.  If you don’t drink than don’t start drinking.  Don’t drink if you are under 21, pregnant, with a medical condition or health problem that could worsen from drinking, driving, on medications without checking with your MD, and a recovering alcoholic.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/cancer/alcohol/index.htm)

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