National Donate Life Month!


More than 400,000 Americans in every corner of our country are alive today thanks to the tremendous generosity and courage of organ donors. During National Donate Life Month, honors donors and their families who have turned pain into purpose by sharing the gift of life with loved ones in need or countless others whom they have never met.  Those who came to the most challenge in their life and lives who thought of others to save them with their organs THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!  It is encouraged to everyone to follow their lead and register as an organ, eye, tissue, or bone marrow donor, bringing hope and healing to so many others.

The White House Blog ( states, ” Last year, American doctors completed our Nation’s one-millionth organ transplant, a tremendous milestone in the history of a procedure pioneered and honed in America. We are now performing transplants at a record pace, with higher success rates and increased lifespans for recipients. Still, every 10 minutes, someone new joins the waiting list — fighting organ failure or blood cancer, their futures hanging in the balance. More than 100,000 people, including 1,900 children, are currently on the waiting list. A majority of them are people of color, for whom it can sometimes be more difficult to find a good donor match. Seventeen Americans die every day while waiting for a transplant.”

Remember you have the power to change that. Just one person can save up to 8 lives through organ donation after they die and improve another 75 lives through eye and tissue donation. Registering as a donor does not change the quality of care that you receive in your lifetime. It allows you to give countless others a second chance at life and your family to find peace amid grief while leaving an extraordinary legacy of compassion and dignity.

Each year, thousands of Americans choose to donate an organ while still living, a profoundly courageous act of connection and healing.  Can you be an organ donor at the end of your life whenever that may come about in your lifetime to a save another one’s life rather than your good organs just disintegrate by nature after death?

Bless all donor organs and again thank you for thinking of others!


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