National Donor Day!


National Donor Day was started in 1998 by the Saturn Corporation and its United Auto Workers partners, with the support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and many nonprofit health organizations.

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February 14th is National Donor Day, which aims to raise awareness of the lifesaving benefits of organ, eye and tissue donation while reminding of the importance of discussing the topic with your loved ones. We encourage you to use National Donor Day to discuss organ, eye and tissue donation with those closest to you.

  • What does it mean to sign-up as a donor?

Signing up as an organ, eye and tissue donor means you have made the decision to donate your organs, eyes and tissues at the time of your death. .

  • Start the Conversation

Sometimes starting the conversation can be difficult. Learn a few easy ways to “start the conversation here” on the internet.   It is important to discuss your decision with your family as that will take priority over your family’s preferences. Making the decision for yourself in advance makes it easier for your family during a very difficult time. Discussing donation with loved ones will help them feel confident and prepared when they are presented with information about the donation process.

So #StartTheConversation today and celebrate your heroic choice to save and heal lives with your family!  You can share the love this National Donor Day by starting the conversation with those closest to you.

Let your loved ones know that just one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and save and heal more than 75 lives through eye and tissue donation. Learn more about the need for donation and about how individuals can take action by signing up anytime online at or

Want to join in on social media? Share with your loved ones that you signed up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor and why it’s important to you. Be sure to use the hashtag

#StartTheConversation. Help us spread awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation. Signing up gives hope to the 2,000 people right here in our local region who are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.

Just one donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and save and heal up to 75 lives through tissue donation. There are nearly 2,000 awaiting a lifesaving organ transplant in our local region. Learn the facts of donation and share with your loved ones.

Many of those waiting may never get a second chance at life as it is estimated that every day in the U.S. 22 patients die because of the lack of donor organs. Many people who have never considered organ donation or have delayed registering to become a donor do so because of inaccurate information or assumptions about organ donation and transplantation.

One of the post common myths about organ donation is that there is an additional cost the organ and tissue donor’s family or their estate. However, there is in fact no cost to the donor’s family for organ, eye and tissue donation. The local, federally-designated organ procurement organization assumes all costs associated with recovering and processing organs and tissues for transplants once death has been declared and authorization is confirmed through either the donor registry, or from the family in lieu of registration. These costs are never passed on to the donor family. Donor Alliance’s culture and values are built on respecting and appreciating the gift of donation, which we have found is a comfort to both donor families and transplant recipients.

Eventually, the costs are reimbursed by transplant centers. Once a transplant is completed, the transplant center will bill private and public insurance plans. Hospital expenses incurred before the donation of organs or tissue and funeral expenses remain the responsibility of the donor’s family.


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