Part 3 What foods to buy for your diet when preventing or dealing with high blood pressure.

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The foods to buy are low sodium foods —-What to buy:

Fruits – Fresh, canned or frozen. I recommend with canned look at the ingredients to make sure you know how much sodium is in a serving. Remember for a person with high b/p you want to keep your sodium count less than 1800 to 2000mg a day. Sodium causes the vessels to vasoconstrict (or narrow) which increases blood pressure in a person.

-Vegetables – Fresh or frozen (no sauce or plastic pouches) Canned (UNSALTED, AGAIN check the canned label for the amount of sodium in each serving.).

Drinks – Fruits juices, fresh or frozen.

Canned low sodium or no salt added tomato & vegetable juice.

Instant breakfast* (all flavors but eggnog) —- limit to 1 cup /day

-Dairy choices – liguid or dry milk (1% or skim milk).

Homemade buttermilk (made from powdered milk) *limit these to 2-3 cups a day*

Cottage cheese, dry cured (low sodium)

Ricotta Cheese from low fat or skim milk

Farmer Cheese, part skim mozzarella neufchated *limit cheese to 1oz or 1/2 cup of one cheese/day.

-Fats, Oils – Canola, Olive, Corn, Cottonseed, Peanut, Safflower, Soybean &

Margarine (unsalted)

Meats, Poultry, Fish

Fish, fresh or frozen (NOT BREADED): Canned tuna and salmon (Unsalted or rinsed).

Chicken or Turkey

Lean cuts of: BEEF, VEAL, PORK, LAMB.

BEEF TONGUE if you must have.

-Meat Substitutes

Dried beans, peas, lentils (not canned)

Nuts or seeds (UNSALTED, DRY ROASTED), sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, walnuts.

Unsalted peanut butter

Tofu (soybean curd)

Breads, Cerals, Grains, Starches:

Loaf of bread and yeast rolls (limit to 3 slices a day)

Homemade breads with regular flour, not self rising.

Melba Toast

Matzo Crackers

Pita Bread

Taco Shell

Tortilla (corn)

Cooked cereals like corn grits, farina (regular), oatmeal, oat bran, cream of rice, cream of wheat (AVOID instant cereals).

Puffed Rice or wheat, shredded wheat (or any cereal with 100-150mg sodium–limit to 1 cup a day).

Wheat germ

Popcorn (no salt or fat added)

Starchy vegetables: corn, potato, green beans, etc… (not canned unless salt free).

Rice (enriched white or brown)


– Cooking ingredients, seasonings

Corn starch, tapioca

Corn meal (not self rising)

Fresh or dried herbs, salt free herb seasonings.

Flour, regular white or whole wheat (not self rising)

Fresh fruits or vegetables (lemons, limes, onions, celery, etc.)

Fresh garlic or ginger

Louisiana – type hot sauce (limit to 1 tsp/day)

Low sodium baking powder

Onion or garlic powder

Tomato paste, unsalted tomatoes, unsalted tomato sauce.


Water chestnuts, yeast, butter substitute (such as Molly Mc Butter—limit to 1/2 tsp/day).

– Sweets

Carob powder, cocoa powder

Flavored gelatins

Fruits (fresh, canned, frozen)

Frozen juice bars, fruit ice, sorbet, sherbet

Sugar, honey, molasses, syrup (cane or maple)

Jelly, jams, preserves, apple butter

Graham and animal crackers, fig bars, ginger snaps



  1. Lose Weight, if you need to. The heart does not have to beat as hard to send blood to all parts of a slim body as opposed to a overweight or obese body.
  2. Don’t smoke-Smoking makes blood vessels constrict making it more difficult to move the blood throughout the body to all tissue parts and it also makes it more difficult in breathing.
  3. Avoid hard exercise and lifting heavy objects to prevent sudden pumping demands on your heart.
  4. Wear clothes that permit good bloodflow in the legs. Garters, hose with tight tops (like thigh-high or knee high hose) may slow blood flow to and from your legs causing clots.
  5. Avoid temperature extremes-The body works harder to keep a normal temperature when you’re too hot or cold.
  6. Try to stay away from people who have colds or the flu. Ask your doctor if you should have a flu shot every year and a pneumonia shot every 6-10 years.
  7. Talk with your doctor about how much alcohol (if any) is ok for you. Since alcohol weakens the heart, heart failure may improve if you stop drinking alcohol.
  8. Reduce high blood pressure or high cholesterol and control your diabetes (one major way is be compliant with your meds, diet, exercise program as your M.D. orders. This can also help keep heart failure symptoms from getting worse.
  9. Herbal supplements may interact with heart failure drugs. Ask your doctor before taking any herbal medicine.

**Recommended is to get clearance for any changes you decide to make with this advice on blood pressure since you may have other conditions that may not allow certain food, or activity changes. If you have high blood pressure get yourself a cardiologist if you don’t have one yet and is a specialist in knowing the best treatment for you.**




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