Wake up America and get healthier to decrease disease and illness of all ages to make our country a better place for all citizens to live in.

Both internal and external environments play a part for the human body in how we, as people, turn out either healthy or unhealthy in the nation that we live in and even as a world. External environments are the images of what makes up the nation or the planet earth at home including the outer space (a single entity in which air, water, and continents interrelate for mankind and more; but the important question is this: is it overall effective or not to life). Let’s take a metaphor in understanding this, an effective external environment for life is country life (ex. life in Virginia) for home/produce/life and an area of weather that is suitable for the human body as opposed to living in the North Pole (freezing ice cold) much more difficult to obtain an healthy external environment for the human body. The internal environment is referring to our minds and bodies which are primarily up to us, the people, in what we decide to be acceptable in how we live out our daily. Society determines what is considered ok as a habit and what is not, ending line how we treat ourselves daily. Yes drugs are not legal, so there are limitations (law). Thank God or we could be worse off with disease and illness in the U.S. Though we can control other things for example what we simple drink daily that can range from 1 can to a six pack of regular soda daily for some people (which equals high sugar content in the body) or using nutraSweet regularly (which can cause cancer), or even better-diet soda (Phenylketourics-Phenylalanine). Why is this on the soda can and what does that mean? It is to prevent a law suit since it can cause cancer. I could go on with unhealthy foods and drinks; ending line is we need to know what is in our foods and fluids we ingest, making smarts decisions on what we ingest and in how big a proportion from daily intake down to every meal you eat that day. To become a healthier nation to spread out into the world with living healthier habits in our daily living with occasional eating of things unhealthy could make a 360 turn in how our diseases and illnesses could go down in number.   There are diseases/illnesses in the top rank in the U.S. due to many with Obesity (Ex. leading to Diabetes II and even cardiac disease that can further lead you to a heart attack or even a stroke). To get out of unhealthy eating/dieting, with a little exercise daily or every other day (not necessarily work out but my hat is off to those who do) and keeping your weight in your body mass index would make a turn for you and so many others overtime. We have to start somewhere, just like technology did but this is much easier since we have the knowledge; it just has to be utilized (first from the home, into schools, into fast food joints to restaurants, to our government (who should not be the one deciding our health care system and insurance) and stricter rules through FDA (higher standards in what we eat). Put this all together and we call it SOCIETY. Remember society gives direction on what’s allowed in the community (simply t.v. to radio, what’s allowed in local restaurants, who are president is, and to what’s allowed in the house (mom and dad). We need to start nurturing our society a lot better (we don’t now). What will this do for the present couples, especially with children? It will make both age groups healthier with a better life and the same results for the future grand kids coming down the road. What will it do for you people single or just couples without children, like myself? It will give you all healthier lives and for all a change for the better in the percentage in diseases/illnesses (going down drastically) to the point of impacting our insurance costs in time for the better with how our health care system works (this wouldn’t be over night). We have to start somewhere. Let’s get our overall health to a point where we don’t need so much health care or the government to get involved deciding how our health care system runs but pay more attention to what is going on in wall street, wars we have to keep an eye on or even take part in looking into or getting our troops out of, etc… No matter if you are in a high or mid or low income bracket there are affordable foods that you can have in your diet with gradually increasing to 30 minutes of exercise daily or every other day in your life, of course in time. It’s just like watching TV, you just have to fit it in your life and in time it will become a regular part of your activities of daily living with not making you feel as if this is a burden but routine. If you want to live a longer life with helping to decrease disease in our country then make the move whether young, mid-age or even older. It is like a wound that our society over generations allowed to happen, in time.

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